Jump Start

In 2008, a small group of volunteers, with the support of the Tyger River Correctional Institution’s chaplain, began ministering to the inmates at Tyger River. This group consisted mostly of retired men and women who went into the prison during the normal work-day. Two of our founding members worked night-time vocational jobs (one in janitorial office work and the other in pizza delivery) to support themselves and their families so they could answer God’s calling on their lives – Prison Ministry. These men along with their wives met together to talk through their “calling”, the challenges/struggles which were primarily financial. They discussed how the three of them might partner in the mission of “setting the captives free,” and the vision of JUMPSTART was born.

Today JUMPSTART is in 17 of South Carolina’s 22 state prisons. More than 5000 current and former inmates have participated in JUMPSTART’s discipleship based re-entry preparation program. More than 3000 have been released and stayed out. JUMPSTART has a nation’s best success rate of 96%. Since our inception, thousands have left prison to become faithful contributing citizens.

For more information, visit http://www.jumpstartvision.org/